Our program focuses only on the personal injury settlements which form the basis of a TPL claim.

We never pursue the patient directly. As a law firm that has represented thousands of uninsured injured patients, we are sensitive for the need to balance fiscal responsibility with patient fairness in the pursuit of TPL services.

It Takes a Lawyer

Successfully recovering in TPL cases is a distinct specialized legal service. TPL cases are legal cases NOT collection accounts.

As a strategic legal partner, Toral Law helps hospitals significantly improve sustainable revenue performance in TPL cases.

  • Not just a vendor. Attorney-client relationship: highest ethical standards, confidentiality, accountability and transparency.
  • Early legal intervention identifies every potential TPL case, increasing volume and improving cash-flow.
  • Leveraging 20 years of legal experience in recovering from TPL payor sources to effectively negotiate TPL claims.
  • Improve current financial performance, improve net revenue and reduce costs.

No Medicaid No Problem

No Medicaid No Problem-Frank ToralThe Obama administration and lawmakers in Tallahassee have finally agreed on an outcome to address funding for the Low Income Insurance Pool, or LIP program that provides funding to hospitals that care for low income or uninsured patients by extending the program for 2 more years.

Problem solved right? Not exactly.

The federal government is phasing out the LIPprogram as it moves toward new programs provided by the Affordable Care Act or ObamaCare.

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